How are the Tours in Zapatilla Island Panama Bocas del Toro?


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In the province of Bocas del Toro is also located Isla Colón, a paradisiacal place that you will surely fall in love with.

We’ll tell you more about Cayo Zapatilla, a place that everyone talks about and one of the most attractive places in the region such as beaches to visit, activities to discover and where to eat and sleep so that your experience is unique and unforgettable.

This wonderful place, known as “La Isla de los Famosos”, is the place where the first “Survivor” program was recorded, which was broadcasted on television in Spain and made the whole world speak for the fascinating natural scenarios.

This is a reality show where a group of people were abandoned in this place and had to survive for a long period of time, to finally win the prize of the program.