The best adventures of Cayo Zapatilla in Bocas del Toro Panama


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Anticipate the holidays and reserve your relax to get to know Bocas del Toro beaches quickly, easily and economically. We tell you below how to get there and what to do there.

¿How is cayo zapatilla boca del toro Panama in the Caribbean Sea?

In the province of Bocas del Toro is Isla Colón, a heavenly place that will surely make you fall in love. We are going to tell you more about Cayo Zapatilla, a place that everyone talks about and it is one of the most attractive places in the region like beaches to know, activities to discover and where to eat and sleep so that your experience is unique and unforgettable .

This wonderful place, known as “Island of the Famous”, the place where the first program of “Survivors” (Survivor) was recorded, which was broadcast on television in Spain and gave the world to talk about the fascinating natural settings.

It is a reality show where a group of people was abandoned in this place and had to survive for a long period of time, to finally win the prize of the program.

How to get to Cayo Zapatilla bocas del toro

To reach the Bocas del Toro beaches from Panama can be done from the Albrook Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport, which is located in Panama City, which is bound for the Bocas del Toro International Airport.

¡A heavenly dream come true!

The flight lasts 45 minutes and the company in charge of getting you to your destination is Air Panama, which has two flights a day. Remember that depending on the time of year, maybe increase the frequency so you can enjoy your vacation in a practical way.

After arriving at the Bocas del Toro Airport, which is located in the same town, the distance to the various hotels of the place is shorter. Remember to take some economical option of transfer to the hotel you have hired, because doing it on foot can be tiring!

Beaches of the excursions of Cayo Zapatilla

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Once immersed in Cayo Zapatilla, the tour includes several visits that will captivate you. You can not miss these beaches and do some of the activities that we are going to tell you next if you really want to spend a luxury vacation.

The planned itinerary of Cayo Zapatilla begins in Isla Colón, an area where the excursion begins with activities and unique, paradisiacal visits and completely taken care of in their original natural habitat. Then you will depart to San Cristobal Island and in a few minutes you will arrive at the Bay of the Dolphins.

On this site you can spot these warm and friendly animals from the boat, to better appreciate their behavior and interact with them. Fascinating!

The next point to visit without fail is the Cayo Coral. This site is one of the most attractive since you can snorkel and visit a stunning reef garden.

Remember that to live the best adventure under water it is important to find the right company, which provides security, assistance and fun guarantee. Total Adventures Bocas del Toro is unique due to the planning and organization of its excursions. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this experience!

The next place to visit, one of the most important and attractive due to its ecological diversity of flora and fauna, is Cayo Zapatilla, a group of two totally uninhabited islands, surrounded by a coral reef that gives a framework of purity and peace that only there you can find.

This beautiful island is located in the Bastimento Island National Marine Park and awaits you with palm trees, coconuts, a unique view of the crystal clear sea and a national park completely designed to live a natural experience that will leave you impacted.

People who have already visited Cayo Zapatilla confirm that it is a fascinating adventure, immersed in pure nature, extremely well-kept spaces and dozens of things to do there.

The beach of the place, is the perfect option after visiting the vegetation and the green spots of the Island: the warm, calm and relaxing water invites you to stay a long time observing the horizon, the palm trees and the painting that seems completely painted natural and available to everyone.

As if that were not enough, the Cayo tour includes visiting the lazy, entertaining animals that have a life expectancy of 35 years, because in the region they do not have predators, so they adorn the fantastic nature with their presence for many years!

Remember to visit the lazy monkeys for a long time, since they sleep around 18 hours a day, so it is more complicated to find them active. Have fun with them during your visit!

The next stop of the tour is “Hollywood”, the place named because there all the starfish gather to form an incredible underwater spectacle worthy of being portrayed in a photograph.

The route of the trip is designed so that you can get to know the different spots and beaches of the Zapatilla Cay, bring you the best memory and live the best adventurous experience at the best price.

Remember to get in touch with Total Adventures Bocas del Toro to plan your trip safely, well thought out and to take advantage of one hundred percent of your vacation time. We will wait for you!

Restaurants near Cayo Zapatilla Island in Panama

restaurants of cayo zapatilla

To end the day after visiting the incredible beaches, coasts and natural spectacles, it is essential to take the time to eat something and recharge your batteries. In Cayo Coral, 40 minutes from Cayo Zapatilla you will find the right option to have lunch with an incredible view, privileged for those who visit the region.

The best alternatives to eat unique and traditional dishes at the right price await you in Cayo Coral. Do not miss it and hurry to book your excursions!